Welcome to the National DRM Platform for South Africa and the Southern African Region

DRM Frequencies & Transmissions

DRM operates in the low frequency bands between 150kHz and 30MHz, using the existing LF, MF and SW broadcasting frequencies. In Southern Africa, which belongs to ITU Region II, the following frequency bands are available:

LF (Long Wave): 153-281KHz (9kHz bandwidth);
MF (Medium Wave): 531-1610KHz (9kHz bandwidth) and
SW (Short Wave): 2300-30000kHz (10kHz bandwidth).

DRM+ is currently specified under ETSI to operate between 30MHz and 174MHz but is technically also capable of operation in VHF Band III. The bandwidth is 96kHz so it can be operated in the existing FM Band (87.6-108MHz) besides existing analouge FM stations, but also in VHF Band I or III including spare frequencies within the previous South African TV Channel 12.

Please click here to view the current international DRM Broadcasting Schedule.